Property Maintenance (including plumbers, electricians, and all trades)

We work with business from sole traders to large limited companies who work in building, plumbing, electrical and other trades. This work can take the form of audit services for larger businesses or general accounts and taxation advice for smaller businesses.

For people in the trades wanting to start out for the first time, we can advise on the benefits and negatives of trading as a limited company versus a sole-trader, from both a tax and accounting viewpoint. We also help

  • form a company
  • deal with all secretarial matters
  • advise on appropriate record keeping
  • outsource the record keeping - we can maintain this on your behalf
  • advise on suitable accounting software

Once all of this is in place we ensure clients are aware of:

  • what their tax liabilities are and when they will fall
  • what expenses they can claim as a tax deduction
  • the implications of paying a salary to family members

Once this is in place, we will then prepare year end accounts and tax returns as appropriate.